Probably Because I Live In The Middle Of No Where

I don't have a single friend that I talk with, go to lunch or a movie with, or even call on the phone. It's just me and my husband and our "furry kids". Only once in the past 2 years has my phone has rung when it wasn't a wrong number. I have nothing in common with the people around here, I don't hunt or fish, I don't have kids and I don't have a lot of money or a golf club membership. Most days I'm fine with the lack of people and their ensuing problems, but sometimes it gets pretty damned dull around here.
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Give me your number Miss Red, I'll call every day.

I totally understand I live almost the same way with the exception of my son and new grandson and daughter inlaw moved in a couple of months ago. I am an only child and was raised by my grandparents. So I totally had to depend on myself for entertainment. We had a lot of farm animals to keep me company. Now its just me and my husband and my 2 furry kids. I enjoy this a little too much. <br />
I work come home cook dinner and well get ready for the next day. I noticed you live in Ashville, Is that Ashville, North Carolina. If so we will be traveling that way very soon. Well I would love to chat and keep a distant friendship so whenever your for a chat just let me know. Till then.....

I know how you feel. I do not have even one friend in this whole wide world. I live with one cat and she is the only person I have to talk to. My son and daughter are too busy with their lives. They may call once every two months. I have basically been alone all my life. I have nothing to look forward to but more isolation and aloneness. I live in a rural area of Maryland. I didn't have a job and my unemployment was ending so I left Manhattan because I knew I would not be able to pay my rent without a job. Maybe it was a premature decision. Anyway, I am miserable here, but was beginning to be miserable there since my brother, my best friend and two cousins had died. My husband had left and I had no one to depend on or count on. I feel very sad and alone. I don't seem to relate to people well and I don't seem to fit in anywhere. I do not like religious groups, so I will not go to them to try to meet people. I spend nearly all my time on the computer. I watch TV, movies, youtube, read blogs,play scrabble, look for jobs and just basically kill time. I do not go out to walk anymore. I am tired of doing it alone. I think that perhaps if I don't exercise, I will just drop dead or maybe die in my sleep. I am sick of this life. No job, nowhere to go, nothing to get up for. Boring day after day with no hope for a future. Send resumes over a year. Nothing. It's a sad, sad life. I am out of ideas so I just sit in front of computer 12 hours and sleep 12 hours. Go to store when I have to. Feed cat, clean litter box, check mail,do laundry. That's my life. No friends. Everyone I know basically dislikes me or hates me. I'm a very bad person.

In the middle of Hunting and Fishing area...I dont do either. I hope friends are found for you.... till then, friends can be found on here...yeah...not the 'in the flesh' kind.<br />
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