I Don't Understand Why!!! There isn't even anything wrong with me...

Even in the pathetic world of the internet, people just seem to pass by me. I feel like I have no presence. I don't know what's wrong with me! I'm not ugly, I'm really nice, I'm open minded, I can hold a conversation, I'm smart.... WHY do I have no friends? I'm so lonely... And it isn't even for lack of trying. Every now and then I feel like I connect with someone at school, and hey, that's hard to do in college, but it's like I have something about me that tells everyone to keep a certain distance. I can even get really familiar with someone, have daily rewarding conversations, and sometimes? I might even talk with people after class! But as soon as the semester is over, there's no effort to ever see each other again, and its good bye. And I try to initiate, I give the opportunities. I talk about being on facebook, how it's how I keep in touch with people. But nothing! Sometimes I feel like we're on the VERGE of exchanging contact info, but it just doesn't happen. It's like people have this aversion to me.

Ok, to be honest, maybe I should be the one to flat out say, "Hey, are you on face book? You should friend me!" and just be direct about it if its what I'm thinking and what I want! but... I feel like I want to be friends with people who WANT to be my friend. I don't want anyone to be adding me on facebook and being friendly and keeping in touch because I sorta make it so...

I try... I really do...

I want friends. I want people who like me and who I like and who I can talk to and all that... I'm so lonely...
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Ya know B, I appreciate your empathy, especially since I don't think I ever have anyone admit they really dont have advice to give; usually they just take a stab at it and say any old thing. I think I like your way better.<br />
<br />
...if that came out right.

I might be a lot older, I might be a lot further, but your message rings true to me. I have no advice for you, but know I feel your frustration. B

I could have written this. Like the others said, you're not alone and you can message me anytime! :)

HEY!!!<br />
Holyy mollyy lol.<,- dont know why i said that...<br />
<br />
Okay you have a "presence". Cause if you didnt i wouldnt have ADDed a comment.<br />
<br />
you isolate yourself. <br />
<br />
Nothing is wrong with you, like you said your not ugly and your really nice. <br />
<br />
Dont be afraid to talk to ppl. They are just like you. Thy cry, they yel,l and they smell. <br />
<br />

i also feel the same.i always want to ignore it.but it is not that easy.i am a non existing character for all

Ur not alone! :)

Friends who listen rather than just waiting to speak. <br />
<br />
Know the feeling <3<br />
<br />
if u wana talk, MSG me