Just Bored But Mainly Lonely

i dont want to be total wet blanket and moan and groan but friends are not a strong point with me. i have two bestfriends ever but thats it. and there are some on here that will tell you thats enough and im being ungrateful but they can shush bc most of you are older and wiser and have homes and cars. however teenage girls that dont leave the house for days in a row while theirr parents work all day and have no siblings they do not have a real cahnce to make a whole bunch of buds. my female bestfriend is the loyal one but she lives on the other side of town and neither of us drive, and my othr bestfriend ive known as long as i can remember but hes so damn popular and has a job he hardly has time for me. its so horrible to say but im jealous of him, people just seem to be drawn to him. i get upset that hes hanging out with mutual friends of ours and nobody thought to let me in on it. so no one really considers me their friends obviously. schools starting again soon and i can help but worry will anything change, maybe for worse....
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doesn't get better