Im Shy And Depressed With No Friends. Looking To Meet Someone On Here

Hi I'm Jill and im 26 from md and married. All I have is my husband and I don't have no friends. I'm dying to have a friend so lonely. I have soical anxiety and depression.I had a few friends going up but nothing close. I'm so sad and so lonely that I feel like I'm invisible to the world with no purpose but to be alone. I hope someone is willing to talk to me. Thanks!
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Hi, i read what you wrote and i can so relate. i'm going to add u to my circle if you wanna be friends just add me back. i feel so overwhelmed. but i just couldnt not say something to you. when i first come on here, and i wrote stuff, i thought i would never get a comment, and i didnt for a while, but now i have and i have met people on here. so even though right this minute, i am so overwhelmed like i said, i wanted to stop and say something. would much rather have said a whole bunch of wonderful things to change our feelings, but thats not realistic right? so anyhow message me, i am from new york and i am married also.

I'm in the same boat, married, no friends, and I have depression and anxiety. Though I'm getting more used to the fact that I won't make friends it doesn't mean I don't want them. You can talk to me if you want, I'm on this site often :)

dear am sorry for what you are going through something of the sort wanted to visit me but i did not open the door to it. I started appreciating myself and also started enjoying my own company. Start by appreciating your own company and feeling good about yourself and walking with your shoulders and head high. Read a book called THOUGHTS YOU CAN BUILD ON BY M.R. KOPMEYER. IT SAYS YOU BECOME WHAT YOU THINK SO THINK OF YOURSELF A VERY IMPORTANT PERSON THE ONLY PERSON GOD CREATED IN YOUR IMAGE. GOD BLESS YOU. WE WILL SHARE MORE.

yea it is very bad feeling and painfull too i had this stupid feeling all the time but i'm not married <br />
i'm here i hope we can be friends at least we understand the same feeling