Feeling Alone...

I have no firends, no way to make friends(work), I have never had any friends. I don't even truly know how to make friends. I'm married, but my husband is to busy with work and other things to be there for me.  I'm really lonely today, I really would like someone to talk to. Someone who will want to have somewhat of a conversation with me. I'm shy and I also don't have very good comuication skills, and no I can't spell. Maybe some one will see this..... I also have a brain disorder, fyi, so you just have to bare with me....most people give up after a day.... Thanks!
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2 Responses Aug 5, 2010

Though I am 41 & happily married, I am increasingly feeling sadder & lonelier realizing that I have no girlfriends to go out to enjoy conversation & a few glasses of wine with or listen to a band or just do something with...I used to have "tons" of friends until I realized that most weren't really my friends, plus I outgrew them when I got serious with my now husband, bought a home and moved away...I sit here wanting to go out & have fun..hubby isn't into going out much (I have to beg which usually only works a couple times a year), we sit home night after night...sometimes I want to just go out by myself, sit at a bar & see life (I am also unemployed which doesn't help), but I know that may not be appropriate, I am NOT looking for a guy to pick up, but just to have conversation, hear some music & get out of the house...it's pathetic that there are all these dating sights out there, but how come no networking sights for people who have things in common & want to just have friends with common interests..it gets to me to the point where I break down in tears feeling like I just want to lie to him, jump in my car & get out of here for a couple of hours....

I'm in the married with no friends boat too. Message me if you want, I won't give up. :)