I Honestly Have No Friends

Hello, I am 18 year old girl from Europe and I have no friends. When I say I have no friends I really mean it, it's not like I have wrong and disloyal people around me, it's just that I have no one around me at all. I am extremely shy, when I'm around people I sweat  and blush a lot. I feel like I don't belong and because I'm already 18 I think that maybe it's already too late for me to find friends. I don't go to parties or anything similar, basically I have no social life. All I do is read books, listen to music, use Internet and sometimes do something with my parents who are basically the only people I talk to.
The problem is that this autumn I'll have to move out of my parents house and live alone in a different city because I'm going to college. I don't know how I'll make it through all by myself with no one to ask for help. I know I won't make friends there. Does someone here feel the same or have an advice for me?
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i hope you have agood group of friends now

I also have no friends, and wondering if its too late for me. I'm almost graduating from high school =( I can be your friend?

I highly HIGHLY recommend that you read "How to win friends and influence people". I'm not joking - I avoided reading it for years and years, thinking that it was all about salesmen and salestalk - how to fool other people into liking or buying from you.<br />
<br />
I was wrong, completely wrong, and I think you would benefit from reading it. I picked up a cheap copy from a jumble sale a few months ago and was amazed by how wonderful the book is, and what great information it has in it, to help people to connect with others.

And if you have problems you can any time ask for advice on EP........send me a message....I will answer...:)

"When one has to great a dread of what is impending, one feels some relief when the trouble has come." (Joseph Joubert).....I'm sure it won't be as bad as you think now....>:D<

if you don't make new friends there open your account on EP...and connect people^^<br />
my problem is that i can't keep friends..i'm not shy but some times i say wrong things make people get angry^^you should be quit and talk to the people like how they talk to u...u will find some one "in college" that want to come near you or want to open a conversation with u..don't miss the chance and answer him/her...laughing open people hearts..so dont be so serious and don't be so funny too!learn how to joke how to trust and believe in ur self..and another thing..if u success to treat with ur prantes u will success with treating people:)<br />
i will be here for anyhelp or anyquestion u can stand on me :D

Yeah, I know I lack self-confidence. I can try to gain it, although I feel like I don't have enough motivation.<br />
Thank you all for your meaningful comments.

Nobody pass the ball to me when i played games at school. And i don talk much too. But when i reach 19 i join our church choir because i love to sing. It is every sunday in the choir that makes me open up more and have a handfull of friends. That how i started to have more friends. I am sure your college has alot of activity that you can join. Start with one you like and build up from there. I believe when you are in a group of your same interest there will be a thing or two to talk about. Take care and goodluck.. 3 cheers from Singapore.

Good luck. I'm in a similar situation and I'm 19. I have very few friends who hardly contact me and I hardly ever (next to never) go out. I can't say I'm overly looking forward to moving out for uni either.But maybe it won't turn out so bad. Hopefully I'll meet some nice people and you too.

Thank you very much for trying to help me.

I have a friend who struggled with the same thing you do until he was 19. Its something thats really hard to deal with and overcome but going to college is the perfect oppurtunity to change and to try to not be so scared of socializing with people. Think of it as a new beginning. Rememeber that nobody at this college knows who you are at all or what you deal with.So maybe when someone says "hello" just say a simple"hello". You dont even really have to engage in conversation at first and then when you see some of the same people over and over they will probably try to talk to you more. Try to remember to just relax and talk as much as you feel comfortable talking. There ARE people out there who searching for a good friend and who will work at it to find one.Remember to be yourself and learn to express who you are.Dont give up and good luck! :)