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Friends Betray...

I've only ever experienced betrayal from friends, so I choose to no longer have any, and I'm happier that way.  My best friend slept with, and got pregnant by, my husband.  That was the last straw.  Because she wasn't the first.  I'd lost boyfriends to "friends" multiple times over the years.  I couldn't do it anymore.  So I'm a loner now, and I have so much less to worry about.
aranarose aranarose 31-35 192 Responses Dec 4, 2010

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Less friends, less drama. Sometimes it's best to be alone.

Hugs I be your friend

Me too :(

You could reverse the gender of the story and that's me too. One small change, my wife got pregnant to two different men during the marriage.

Whitney Houston said it best: "I finally faced the fact that it isn't a crime not having friends. Being alone means you have fewer problems." Keep on trucking! GG

I have very few female friends. Theres a reason why, because some women are catty and backstabbing and they will sleep with the man youre with given the slightest chance. The female friends I have, I watch like a hawk and the only one I trust is one old enough that I know she wouldnt go there.

As long as your happy now.

Is anybody say they're alone, when they feel the painful story of their life? I think NO,it's a psychological presumptiom for every individual on how to deal with that matter that affects most to their life.JUST BE OPEN MINDED about the REALITY (THAT'S LIFE).

Sometimes life is not easy to undertake,unleashed you understand the relation of death and life.And made some compromise to friends inorder to be near to GOD who gives you everything

betrayal of a friends is not end of finding a new one. How could you say that you LOVE GOD when you have no friends to love for

bitterness in life is a part of being alive, don't make a shelter of painfull moments in you heart, just stay forward on how beautiful the life is

It is such a shame that you feel you can trust no one. I often feel the same way as well. Are you okay with being a "loner", or does it disappoint you in the long run? Hope you will be okay. <3

I know that betrayal. It's awful having people cheat you, terrible having them lie to you, and horrendous having them just at random up and leave you. Yes...I know it far too well, and on a rather overtraumatizing level, it crushed me. So I can agree it's easier to be a loner, and easier to never speak to those you hate. (in my case, that's everyone) So all in all, I like your statement. Besides, the human race is a metaphor of disaster and petty dissagreements...too ignorant as it builds it's social trusts on pillars and foundations of sand and gravel. Eventually, like everything else on earth, we will fall to our defeat and be crushed by our own argumants and beliefs.<br />
<br />

i am so sorry about you

Girl I feel your pain. I am currently a loner myself. It's like they take your kindness for weakness. But, you are a strong person for being able to overcome the BS that was in your life. Just remember you are an awesome person. And, don't sweat the small stuff.

Aranarose; I feel for you deeply and you can reach me anytime for a sympathetic ear. I've always gone by the postulate,-- "a friend is a present you give yourself" and in that a true friend cares as much for you as you do them and is always trying to do something to make you as happy as you try to do for them. That's how you know a TRUE friend. I have one life long true friend. We played together as kids and were always tripping over ourselves to do something for eachother. Now some 50 odd years later we are better than sisters because sisters fight and we truly never have. She had a stroke in the near passed and called me before her partner cuz I was the first person she thought of. That left me breathless.<br />
I sincerly hope you can find someone to be a true friend, It takes time but it's worth it. I'm an old gal but I've seen and been through a lot. My ear is here if you want it.

I couldn't have said it better myself.<br />
Very well phrased.<br />
<br />
<br />
I really don't understand why people keep saying "I'll be your friend!" after you've made it absolutely crystal clear that you're happier without them.

I'm sorry you had to go thru that. You are stronger than I am. I'm sure your scars are always hurting you even if you don't show it. I have been stabbed in the back by people who said the were my best friend. However in my case I found that it was my lack of confidence that actually let people do such horriable things to me. Now I'm not saying that is why things happened to you. Once I quit thinking negative thoughts about myself I could sometimes notice things about people I never noticed before. Still even to this day I trust someone who is no good. However now that I have a different view of things I can cut them off before they hurt me. I give them a chance, but if they start "takeing" more than "giving" they are not worth my time. I use to be a loner, wasn't good for me. I got some serious depression promblems. I guess I just don't want you to stop living life just cause some people don't know how good of a person they had in thier lives. It took me till the time I was in my early 20's to actually find some people who I could call a TRUE friend. Please live your life to the fullest. If people don't treat you right you will still get thru all the pain and hardship and live another day. You have a reason you are here. I will befriend anyone who wants someone even just to talk to. So you can add me to your circle as soon as your ready to take that step back into life.

Sure, lovers and friends can turn against you, but I'm not sure closing yourself to human relationships is the best solution.

Being lonely sucks though I will agree some people can be utterly disgusting.

Right on =]

I'm still young. I have also experienced betrayal from friends. I now have some but they ignore me. They accuse me of being annoying. What do I do?

Please don't isolate yourself, because it will only have negative consequences. Not all people are jerks. Have friends but you set the boundaries and limits and don't tell them all your business. Volunteer at nursing homes, animal shelters, or any other places that interest you. Your contributions will make a difference in others' lives, and you too will be fulfilled. and you'll meet some nice folks. Get off your bottom and take positive action tomorrow. That's an order!

i have been there and done that .been betrayed and hurt . used and taken advantage<br />
of .but i am of the belief that all things even out. like one of the sisters above said they deserve each other. What goes around comes around. befor long they will be at each others throats. Karma always catches up with people like that. they always get whats coming to that is why i never worry about them.

I am soo sorry! That Wud suck but actually it had happened a few times!!!

My friends are all in my head...literally....

Well my experience in life hasn't been as bad.. but I really have not let that many people into my circle. I have one real good friend now, other than my family. My friend and her parents really care about me and my wellbeing. She's not a girl friend, just a female friend.

Yes, «friends» betray, «colleagues» stab you in the back, some members of your family stop talking to you, and your enemies do everything they can to convince you you shouldn't exist. It's called life. If everyone clammed up into their shells, the world would become an impossible place. Learning about life is learning about all its joys and also its other side, lies, treachery, hatred...Life. Still magnificent when it is.

You deserve so much better. I wish that I could give you the biggest hug right now! You're so strong and courageous for having to deal with this. You deserve better than anyone who would betray you, friend OR husband. I really hope that you can find someone who appreciates you the way you should be...even if it's not in a romantic way. You're a strong woman, who doesn't need some idiot of a husband to tell you that! Keep your chin up, and I hope that someone can come along and disprove what others have made you think. If you ever do need someone to talk to, though, I'm always available.I may not know you, but I care what happens to you. I hope everything works out, aranarose! :)

I am so sorry for your troubles. Don't blame your self ever, no one deserves that. Stay strong and God Bless you.