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What Love Is

Love is kind, caring etc. Dats all pple know well I recently discovered dat it's abt giving not taking. Giving without a limit. I know it might sound crazy hving 2 give n expecting nothing in return. Trust me when your in love giving comes without any effort. Its called agape love limitless. trust me being in love it's e best feeling ever .The more you love e more you give. What's your definition for love?
LadyMcNdhlovu LadyMcNdhlovu 18-21, F 4 Responses Dec 8, 2010

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Love is.....just being happy knowing that the other person is happy. And sharing the bad times too.

My definition of love is standing by the person you love whatever s/he does as long as s/he is happy.

Love is something that you mind can't understand but you heart can see.

Love seek's not its own, does not seek self reward, Love is never ending, Love never fails.