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my name is mekdes from ethiopia. i leave in us with the bf im 6month pregeant dont have a job or anything me and my bf all ways fight i want leave but i cant i have nowhere to go to or family my green card is no longer good. i haven't  seen any doctor sencis i find out i was having a child .i just want someone to talk or that care just a littel bit for once
mhalet mhalet
4 Responses Dec 9, 2010

Is your boyfriend staying with you. I know you said you fight a lot, but is he there?

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Also you can try search for bloggers in your area that have similar descent and try contacting them if theyr blog looks appealing enough, try keeping your own blog even if you feel you dont have much to say, its a good way for people to get to know you if you post on others blogs and your profile will link to your own<br />
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and maybe try asking stuff on<br />
(dont post pics of you though unless you are looking for a husband which may not be a totally bad idea since it may also resolve your visa)

i dont know anyone here .so is hard to find out information

arent there some suport groups there, like for emigrants of your nationality? or simmilar interest groups you can go to coffee with