I Am Friendless

I have always known i was shy when it came to meeting new people face to face and tryin to have a conversation. even as a little kid i knew this. i was tha kid who played under tha playground in the dirt. i had one really close friend in elementary school, and we are still friends now. but we dont get to see each other because i moved when i was in 4th grade. i was scared s h i t l e s s . i hated having to go out my was and say hello my nemes Eden im tha new kid here. i hated having to do that and i tried a few times and it just dont work for me. so i just gave up but few month into the new school people noticed me and i gained alot of friends. just as i was gettin used to the fact that i had friends and that i did it..i moved yet again 2 years later. so this puts me at 7th grade now. i already had my mind made up that i wasnt going to even try and make friends ..mostly because i was just so tired of making friends and then picking up and leaving. at this school the kids were so much more different. so things didnt go as well as they did at the last school. lets just say i made more enemies than i did friends. so here i was friendless and going into high school, i had maybe 1 close friend. high school was so hard for me. i didnt fit in any where. even with the kids that were weird, i didnt fit in. it was so bad that i ate my lunch by myself in the bathroom. sad i know. cuz once i get to have a friend im the most caring loving understanding , you can come to me for anything, call me at 4 in the moring kinda person. i love my friends i just dont like having to make them. its so weird i kno.. so in my 10th grade year i met my best friend kori. i love her to death. we are so great together and have the same personalities and everything! that year was the best year of school i believe. but as time went on we grew more and more apart ... she got me through school..made me want to keep going. i was always happy to go to school and know that we would hang out or skip stupid senior meetings together and eat lunch and make everyone laugh..she was the only person that knew everything about me and never judged me. i miss her. since we graduated school i havent seen her. and we talk every other month if were lucky. life just gets to buys i guess...
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Well that's good you made some friends. I know how you felt I went through it I was to shy to open up to people to talk to them. and that held me back from making friends. just try to make another friends. meet other people.