How Do You Make Them?

when i was a kid i had nothing in common with most kids my age. they were worried about math & pretty erasers. i was worried about if i would get to eat dinner or have a place to sleep. we also moved a lot so, i developed a mechanism to help me cope. i would forget people, i didn't want to know them. i would be gone soon anyway. when i was a teenager, my classmates were worried about cars & cloths. i was raising my youngest brother like he was my own. most of the time, people thought he was mine. I did all the cooking, cleaning & what ever else had to be done. in my 20's most people were going threw the drunken party phase. i was happily married & don't like to drink. now i'm in my 30's most people already have these little clicks they hang out in. i live in a small town, i work about an hour away from home so hanging out with people i work with is not really a option. plus I'm married with kids, most people my age are. I don't have a lot of money to go do things. i'm not the soccer mom, or the PTA mom, i can't volunteer for stuff at school i work an hour away. most of the people i go to church with i really can't relate to, plus there is the fact that they know my mom & think she is great. i have a horrible memory when it comes to people & names, that mechanism to save me as a child, is hard to turn off. i only have one neighbor that lives nearby, i'm not into standing by the road drinking so they are out. so i'm in this weird predicament i would like to have friends but don't know where to meet them or how to keep them. i have acquaintances, people i work with, people i see at church, but no real friends. so how do i make some?
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I can relate to your story! Terrible sorry for you! It´s not easy making friends and where should you start looking for them. I really hope things will turn around for you!

Wow, your childhood story is very similar to my own mother's. I'm still young ( 17) and haven't exactly went through the experiences you have but I can relate with you about have trouble making friends.