I Want Sincere And Fun Loving Friends

Im married and have a wonderful husband. Since childhood i keep on hearing stories about how people make friends and then sabotage marriages and families. I have been through one experience myself. The girl totally jeopardized my life, relationships, physically and verbally abused me and also defamed me. But then I recovered, but now im not the social long term commitment sort of a person. But i love talking and being social, I just dont let anyone cross the main door to my personal life. Now that Im married, I need a friend who understands me and helps me because im new to my husbands culture n traditions. I want a fun loving and very very sincere friend. Im dumb n stupid nd also not so aware of the new environment. I want o make friends with people with whom my husband is also comfortable with. But I have a Fear or say Phobia. I have seen [ real ] incidents where best friends sleep with husbands and eventually end up divorced. And I consider Divorce as the worst thing that can happen to me. My husband means the world to me and I cannot imagine my life without him neither I can share him. This thing just stops me from bonding with people because I just fear losing my hubby. Its not like Im jealoous of him or anything but I know it sounds like im mostly emotionally abusing my husband but i just want him and i need him and i want him to love me and never let go.
I want friends who enjoy picnics, get togethers, family parties [ not the club types ] But I just dont to end up in extra maritial infidilities.
Its not like I just dont talk at all, its just that I dont take my friendships to a level that they give me frequent calls and pay me a visit. Its only to the extent of social events, get togethers and other formalities.
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Feb 7, 2012