My ****** Life

I don't know exactly where to start really... i had a bad childhood grew up moved from pillar to post in the care system. I've had quite alot of bad experiences which im not ready to talk about yet. I've always been alone and felt unloved unwanted and i kind of excepted that and got on with things untill i fell in love and trusted a guy who was just using me. I tryed to kill myself 3 times with sleeping pills alcohol i started hurting myself cutting and biting my arms..... i feel so stupid like why am i here? All my life all people have done is use and hurt me for their own pleasure. I know im being abrasive but i find it hard opening up which is why im finding my situation so difficult... i feel like ending it all i haven't got faith that fings are going to get better anymore.. im just real down.
seree seree
May 4, 2012