Parent Who Lost All His Friends.

It's my first time writing on this site, I've just been reading around for a bit.  thought i would share with you the me not having any friends experience that I currently am in and see no way to get out of.

I've had a few long term friends but we've grown to acquaintances at best.  I guess i'll start with my first two friends that I've lost, I'll name them T & B so to protect them.  T i met in the 6th grade, we talk like once a year now at best cause we both have families.  B i met in the 7th grade. we no longer talk at all.  I'm 28 going to be 29 in a few months. So that gives you an idea on how long that is.  B introduced me to my wife and then grew jealous of our happiness in each other.  thats when we stopped talking about 3 years ago.  Attempts to repair that are futile on her end cause she still dislikes us being together.

T&B dated when i was about 18, B couldn't decide if she wanted to be with me or T so T got angry with me and so did B we didn't talk for 3 and a half years. T got in touch with me and we've been kinda talking on and off since then and i've hung out like 3 times with T.  he got married has 4 kids, he's busy I understand his life.  B came back into my life wanting to have an affair with her. turned that down.  met my wife through her (different story and topic all together.)   but yeah not really talking to B cause she still wants that affair and now it would affect alot of things. just not gonna happen.

moving into some more recent friends i met some guys when i was 18 they were a couple years younger than me, we played football together and grew to be good friends or atleast i thought they were good friends.  They'll be named S, K, N and B. when i was 24 i got an apartment with S and it quickly became a party hangout spot.  N and B moved in and it quickly became a decline as S, N and B all quit jobs so they could play world of warcraft and leave me taking the bill for everything.

we left on kind of a sour note, but rebuilt friendships.  when i was 27 i had a son with my wife.  instantly everyone i knew including these major friends named in this article stopped hanging out, talking, calling, texting.  It's been that way for almost 2 years now.  attempts for me to contact them have been left at "we should hang out some time.." but some time never comes...

with a small 2 year old, i have no social life.  I work and goto college.  I've tried to meet people at college but it's not going well. so that's why i have no friends hopefully people can read this, give me some insight.  any suggestions would be cool.  I live in kansas city, so if you wanna kick it and live in KC. let me know.
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I definitely relate to your story, turlisk... In fact, the only person I consider a close friend is my husband. We don't have kids yet so I can't say much for that but all the people that I used to talk to regularly have kind of disappeared or just haven't done anything with their lives and are still partying like their 21. Occasional clubbing is cool, but it's not what I want to do every single weekend. Me and my husband are more movie and dinner kind of people, or video game nights. I also live in KC so if you and your wife are ever bored and want to go out, let me know. :) I hope that didn't make me seem all stalker-ish... lol...