I Don't Know If I Really Want Them..

I mean I have real trust issues due to bad experiences. Why risk putting myself in those situations again? Sure I miss having someone to talk to and having movie nights, but I just always think that eventually something is gonna go wrong then I'm gonna just gonna be back in square one..I talk to classmates and people here and there, but I never let it get far enough to where we hang out together..Is this wrong??
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I agree w/ Tianajade. Sumtimes its hard get over past experiences, but u dont want b stuck in the past 4ever. Take my word 4 it

Yea I get it, but it's hard to get rid of a habbit like that. I've spent my whole life holding onto grudges and using them against people who haven't even done anything to me..yet..So it's going to take awhile for me to get rid it..I am working on it though..

Cant ask 4 anything more than that


I don't think its wrong, as long as you are not bothered by it. I'm the same way. I'll talk to people and "hang out" at school, but that's as far as it goes. I don't keep in touch with anyone once I'm at home or doing something else, and so far nothing bad has happened to me because of it. I just not a people person, I like my solitude.

I thought I was the only person in the whole world who feels this way, Glad to know I'm not alone^^

Likewise ;)

Not completely wrong, no. I mean, sure, you should start trying to let people in more. You could have come across someone who would have been an amazing friend, and you've let them go because of your insecurities. You don't know the outcome of anything in life - thoughts are just facts, they're not true or false. You're wondering and thinking negatively about not befriending anyone because you don't want to get hurt again, but you don't know if you will or won't. You have to take the chance, and take each day as they come, not think ahead of things. Give people and friendships a chance; if you lose more people along the way, then that's their problem - you can just find others. Friends come and go, it's just part of life. But you'll eventually find someone or even few people that will stick by you and with you. Good luck. (:

Thanks for the advice. I'll try to take it into consideration. ;)