No Remorse

It's me again.  Those of you who read my story before, you know who I'm talking about.
We recently had group projects, PSA's.  I did one on bullying.  I had the idea all set up, but I was to upset one day, the day they finished the PSA.  Again, that's another story of mine on I Hate Birthdays.  
On that day they decided to ignore it all and come up with brand new lines, not use the song, and just not follow the layout we planned at all.  
When we watched the final project, we were going to partially be graded by our peers.
I watched it for the first time, was frustrated at not doing the idea we planned, but couldn't complain because I skipped school that day.  Nevermind the day before was the worst day of my life, I still couldn't complain because I knew who was going to take the lead if I was gone, and knew that she wasn't too bright of a light bulb.  
Again, I was frustrated, but all around it was okay.  Okay, out of a scale of terrible, bad, okay, good, great.  It was okay.  There were worse PSA's.  But when we reached the end, ours was what received the lowest grade.  Our teacher pointed out that all of the popular people got great grades by their peers, and that the ones that were not favored got lower grades.
So my classmates were bias in their grading.  
Our teacher complained about how what we received was ridiculous because she herself liked our PSA.  So she knows it was not a bad PSA.  
My group consisted of outsiders, a pathological liar, an attention *****, a mentally handicapped girl, and me.  
Not the most favored people.
But I know for sure that my ex best friend gave us one of the lowest grades.
I say this because I know her.  She didn't like anybody in our group, and hates me.  She's selfish, and self centered, and will never actually would judged on quality.  If you follow my stories, you'd know that I have a certain something that gives me outsider observations and i know for a fact, that she would give us a low grade.
It doesn't bother me too much that we got a low grade.  I had an A, I don't like the idea of getting a low grade, but I'd survive.  
No, I felt disappointed that she would give us a low grade to get back at me, while that mentally handicapped girl got a bad grade too.  She didn't deserve that.  Giving us a bad grade like that should not have affected her at all, and what she did was childish since I graded her's without bias.
NowYouSeeMe NowYouSeeMe
13-15, F
May 8, 2012