I personally feel like I do not have any friends. I believe as an adult it's way more harder to find people with your common interests. For me, one fo the issues that I have when meeting new people and trying to create a friendship is TRUST. It is just hard for me to trust people because people can very malicious. Just me watching how people can be and what they are capable of, it just makes me want to stay kind of boxed in.
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PS oh yea, the point is you are not alone in this world. You are not the only one who is lonely.

I can understand. I don't trust people. I don't have anyone talk to when I need someone to talk to. Someone I did trust constantly is upset at me. I had to turn my back on her, because it was obvious that I was upsetting her. I need to get away fromher for my sake. She never wanted to be friends anyway, so it doesn't really matter. Within the last year, two people have made it clear to me they wanted nothing to do with me. So, Now I am alone. I was always alone and we were never friends. Now I see that. It hurts, but I will survive. The only one I can trust are the cats I take care of, because at least they appreciate me. Jesus and the cats are the only ones I can count on. I will be MORE than glad to leave them alone, just as long as they leave me alone. I am lonely, but I never really had any friends anyway. I'll get over it.

while I can agree with some of that, you still should not withdraw into self like that. you'll only end up self destructing. Why not start off by talking to someone, perhaps even me. We all feel lonesome at times, but cannot let that overtake us.