Something's Wrong With Me

And this is the closest i've come to admitting it to someone. I guess i've always had trouble connecting with people. one reason could be that my dad's work has moved us from place to place alot and that fact combined with me being shy was never good for my social development.
i mean sure, i  know quite a number of people, but no one except one or two, seem to be interested in me at all. 
I want to get to know someone and have a good friendship with them but i'm just not able to. i'm just odd.

JackBauerWithaMagicCarpet JackBauerWithaMagicCarpet
18-21, M
1 Response May 16, 2012

No, your perfectly fine. I myself never had any "true" friends throughout highschool. Everyday I would come, smile and talk to a good number of friends but I could never relate to them, I never did anything with them after school. I attempted to, believe me but it's hard to expose you neck (or go out on a limb). I always hear people say, you'll click if you just go out and talk to people, are misled. It's not as easy as it seems, I remember thinking do people secretly not like me? But your among the stronger. As great as it is to have close friends, I like being at a distance, I've learned to be independent and I'm proud to say I know myself better than others who try to please and fit in all too much. Maybe my shyness helped me out in the long run. Maybe your maturity level is higher. That's the excuse adults used to say (:<br />
But I believe either path is ok. You can be a social butterfly, or the "loner" both seem appealing. I've had more time to discover myself... as in I watched TV, wrote and posted my stories online, had more time for after school activities and I become really close to my family. Now I'm 21 and I'm happy to say college helped me meet a few people who I really liked and got along with. Friends aren't what makes you right, you yourself are what makes you awe inspiring.

thanx, it's reassuring to know that i'm not alone and i guess you have a point, there are some good things that come out of being alone.