I'm A Loner.

I have no friends. One reason is because I moved away with my mom. I went with my mom basically to get away from a someone I liked who didn't like me back. Even before then, though, all of the friends I had didn't really care about me. I didn't feel important to them. If anything they made me feel like I was just someone who follows them around and has nothing better to do. And I really did have nothing better to do. My life wasn't the best. I grew up fat, I'm still fat, and I feel unattractive because of it. I've never had a partner and I didn't really feel like I was worthy of one because of my appearance. But I left all of my "Friends" behind because of this one girl. Now, I have no friends because I started liking the only other person I really talk to. I trusted her and I liked her so much. But she doesn't like me back and now I'm running away from her. I'm trying to anyway. She wants me to stay and be her friend, but it's depressing me to the point of not getting out of bed and not having the will to do anything except sleep. I have two other people I talk to besides her, but we aren't really friends. We're just people who talk to one another when we need something said. It hurts to not have a true friend. It hurts to not be wanted back either and I don't know how to make friends so I can find people who might possibly want to be more than that. I don't know... I'm just so alone right now.
RandaJM RandaJM
18-21, F
May 18, 2012