All My Friends Are Far Away.

I have no friends nearby. All my friends are from my past. Since I became a public figure, it has been hard for me open up and genuinely connect with anyone new. I have my wife and kids that keep me from getting lonely and actually do a good job of keeping me happy, but I have no friends near where I live.
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2 Responses May 18, 2012

You said since you became a public figure. Thats interesting. I was just listen to the radio and they were interviewing the guy from the white stripes (im bad with names) and he was quoting dylan I think saying once you become famous "you never meet anyone again" <br />
I felt really bad for him. It made me feel so greatful that I am not famous! lol But at the same time understand the importance of looking at people with and honest eye. Not superficially. Its also makes me greatful that my boyfriend, who is a musician as a hobby, never became famous or public either. I believe his is that talented but it would be a miserble life for me. All these women looking at in like that. lol<br />
<br />
That said, I believe you can make real connections with people still. Some people will realize your just a person and talk to the real you! I hope this helps you!

Thank for you for you kind words. I think in this day in age, public people unfortunately have to be more guarded than ever. In an instant, whatever we say or do can be splashed across the internet for the world to see forever.

at least not so here on ep. no one knows who you are so you can be yourself. Isn't it nice?

Well anytime you would like to talk, you have a friend here to listen! I hate when you can't express how you really feel sometimes because someone is always ready to judge you! But I hope you find some closer friends! I know what you mean, it gets very lonely!