I Feel So Alone!

I know what having friends is like- it can be awesome! I had a great group of friends in high school. I went away to school, they did not. We lost touch, in fact, they ended up not liking me which hurt me deeply. I tried to rekindle our friendship but after awhile I could see I would forever be an outsider. My college friends, I had one or two, they are long gone. I moved away and lost contact with them. When I came back, it was like I never existed. Then, even though I had new jobs and went to grad school, I was unable to connect with anyone. I felt like a pariah.

I have been at the same job for 3 years and I only have 'work' friends, no one that I am close with or could chat with about important things. I am married...I recall at my wedding, I had very few friends and in fact, people (family) ignored me at my own wedding!!!
When I was single, and the internet was still brimming with possibilities, I would make friends with people on myspace or okcupid. or even livejournal. Now that I am married, I think my husband would find that weird...

I'd love to find at least internet buddies on the experience project.
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1 Response May 28, 2012

I feel the same way....I have a couple of friends but they are in relationships and it is like pulling teeth trying to make plans with them!! It would be nice to be the one that they are asking to hangout with instead of me always going out of my way to try to befriend people...and I also have lost touch with close friends when I went off for college or my close friends have moved out of state and lost touch with me