Very Lonely

Through out my school life and home lifei was bullied because i was the fat girl and no one wanted to hang out with the fat kid for fear being made fun of. I never really had friends after that and when i did have friends i felt like i was invisible to them. I never had any date, dated or a boyfriend. at home i was not liked because i wasnt as popular as my sisters nor was i like them.
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1 Response Jun 22, 2012

I am sorry people made fun of you. It is a terrible thing to be reject when all you want is to be accepted for who you are. I understand rejection, but I also know that in life friends are hard to find. I have two or three really good friends (the ones I can call anytime and they would be there for me.) I have a ton of acquaintances but few really good friends. Try again. Seek people who have some of the same interests as yourself, but do not allow people to put you down. If they do they are not friends.

thanks much for the kind words. :) its nice to know there are people out there like me because for so long i thought i meant nothing to anyone and that there was no one else who shared what i was going through :)

That is the way a lot of people feel but in reality they are the more common group. It is sad how it works but true. There are fewer popular kids and a lot more lonely kids than we like to think. But as adults we aren't always forced to stay trapped in the narrow little niche we are stuffed into as kids. We can expand and break the ties that bind if we want to, You get to pick your friends...ones that love you. Now there is a warning that applies. There are many many false friends out there. You can to pick through them to find the true ones, kinda like a basket of apples. Some are wormy but a few are really perfect for that pie you wanted to make.