Friendless In Georgia

Nope I haven't had a single friend in 20 years. I used to have a best friend but she kept screwing me over and dumping on me so I said "forget it" and told her to hit the road. I am not good at making friends at all.. I have a social anxiety disorder which I think contributes to the fact that I don't know how to make friends and don't know how to keep them either. I'm cool with it most of the time but sometimes it bothers me that I have nobody to talk to. This is why I'm on EP. Hopefully that will change soon.
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Ill be a good friend

Be you. I would be grateful if you and I were friends!!!

I don't have any friends either. I just said forget as well to my so called best friend. He did the same thing dumped on me when I needed him the most. So I'm done loner life for me. I noticed you and realized we share alot of the same thing. Anyway you can talk to me whenever you want. I usually get on EP once a day at least. Hope to talk to you soon. Ooo ya I might want to mention I'm pretty new on EP. Still learning how to navigate.

Thank you! I would love to talk about anything anytime. Just message me.I am here at least once a day if not more often.

I have so many friends and good friends too but I don't mind getting more.I am very extroverted and just find it easy to talk to anyone.I think you will find many friends on EP.

Dont feel bad your not the only one out there like this I m going thought the <br />
Same thing

if you feel like talking you can always message me. Too often we say how lonely we are but neglect the opportunity for social interaction. That's me at least. So I am always looking for someone to talk to, maybe you can take me up on the offer so that we may get to know each other better