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No Friends!!!

   I've always had some really nice friends growing up, I actually felt really good with who I hung out with, then as soon as I moved I didn't know anyone at my new school, over all I was being bullied as well, for things that were even true. I gave it time, and I did meet some actually nice people, we would all hang out and go places and do things all the time, it lasted for a while and I felt really happy to have people around me and  then outta no where they stopped talking to me, As soon as I got home schooled (read my story about bullying to understand this part) we were out of contact, and that was the end of that. I never really understood why that occurred, but now I have no one, and overall I'm an only child and it gets super boring, like legit I have no friends at this point. I always think oh its me , it has to be me, I'm such a ******* idiot, No I'm not but I feel that sometimes, and it makes me feel so bad about my self. I just really wish I had someone,a friend, anyone I could talk too,  and for my family of course they care and they feel bad but they don't have all the time in the world to fix it, they recommend going to places and doing things and getting out of the house which I do, but you cant just go up to someone in the streets and go hey wanna be my friend :D lol but the sad part is when I go to after school activities for example, I still cant find a friend, I mean there's nothing wrong with me, and people just look the other way, I'm always friendly and still I always get the door slammed in my face. So sad, people are seriously missing something that could be a real blessing in their life if they met me. Now don't feel bad for me cause that's the least thing I want here, I  just don't get it though, I mean  I hope as time goes on I'll meet some new awesome nice people, Cause this really makes me sad sometimes. Let me know who has been in my shoes before or is currently in the same state as I am now.
Canadianchick94 Canadianchick94 18-21, F 89 Responses Aug 3, 2012

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wow.. well atleast you have over 11K friends here. Never seen a profile with so many friends :)

I feel your pain. Msg me and we can talk.

I have no friends either

I lost a lot of friends a couple years ago because I started to do different things.

I didn't take the same AP classes that they did and we just drifted apart.

It hurt for a long time, and sometimes my parents guilt me for losing all my friends (especially a best friend) but really I had no say in it =/

I'd like to be your friend

It IS other people's loss, but you are too wonderful to not have someone realize it soon.

For sure the same exact thing happened to me except I didn't move
Randomly all my friends just left I don't know why but I will forever blame myself and it makes me feel horrible about myself 😢😕

Maybe a girl got jealous and made up some bad bull crap to get rid of you, or perhaps you have multiple personalities and the other you is hard core b*tch .

Here is an older friend that you can pm as well!

I have no one either, however Sometimes I like it.

Yeah I have had no friends for years there is one couple (im married) that might qualify but its like a couple-couple thing and Im not convinced to would work in anyway outside of this context.... I.e I feel there is no one who wants to know me for who I am..... to be honest I think the only answer is the GET INSPIRED...!
That's right! I think we make friends when we are young SPONTANEOUSLY precisely because we are naturally inspired and open when we are very young....
In order to achieve this state again later on in life (when this crucial phase has ended) you need to get into some kind of activity that you are really good at (if possible) and more importantly something that REALLY INSPIRES YOU. If you do this you will SHINE and people will want to bask in your presence again.

been there . i would do anything for people . they either take advantage of me or look at me like i'm nuts . you are young and pretty friends will come along . you seem to have a gret attitude about yourself . keep it . liking yourself is very important . looks like you have a good friend in your picture ! :-)

I grew up moving a lot, and ended up settling on a dirt road and making friends with the kids my age who all lived on the same road. 4 in all, we pretty much grew up together it's weird. I don't even talk to them anymore, kinda miss them :/ lol. Now all I do is read. But it's all good

King is here
he is always going to be here
no ************ can make you LYAO
like me so please msg me or something
or answer dude.
I have a surprise for you.
Ask me?

Same ordeal...I'll be your friend!

Being home schooled has to be the reason because you don't have any common ground like a classroom. I know that in the states people who home school are creating activities for other homeschooled kids to get together. Dances sports etc. I know sometimes it hard not to feel a certain way even though you know its not true but I've read enough of your profile to know you are not to blame. Its nothing at all about you. Probably just environment and opportunity. God bless you in your searches for friends and love. Life is the great adventure and if it was always easy we would take the great people we meet along the way for granted

Become a friend with yourself before worrying about others. You need to find what you like about yourself, nurture it, and celebrate it. Once you are happy with yourself and confident, that will stand out and people will come around :)

Okay can you explain to me that you say you have no friends but your profile says you have over seven thousand friends?

Please remain open to life. Not all people are a-holes! Once you get through all the bullshit of growing up it does get a lot better. I don't know why parents don't ease their children through this.

Hey if you ever want to chat or vent I'm here, lord knows I vent from time to time too :)

just be yourself and people will come to you if they like you for you, if not, then they are not worth your time.

original people tend to have no friends because they can't compromise their originality to fit in. not won't,can't. most people are sheeple

I feel the exact same way, but I have no friends in my life for a completely different reason. Keep your chin up!! You have youth on your side and a lot of time left. Most people are cruel ******** that only think about themselves. But there are good ones out there. They're just few and far between it seems. Have patients, you will find them, or they will find you. :)

Friends are someone you can rely on when you've in trouble or some bad situations.Friends share happiness and sorrow.From where I come you don't rat on your friends. As I see it quality is more important than quantity.

Honestly I don't know what to tell you. Usually people who have no friends they let that turn into huge amounts of self hate, but you seem almost the opposite. You understand yourself and know that you are nice and would make a great friend. This is just one of those things where you gotta stop looking and worrying. For whatever reason that is the way things are and you just gotta live your life. Once you stop worrying and focusing on doing things you enjoy, others will see that and want to be your friend. It's like the cool kids in high school. They do whatever they want whether it's right or wrong. Everyone else is too scared to be themselves and they see these people doing their own thing and admire them. Once you start being yourself others will look up to you and want to hang out.

I feel that, when I was in college my life was boring, I feel like a robot my routine was home-school-home-school and no chance to go to parties or hang out with anyone. I know that feeling when you meet these people and you feel like a friend to them but they don't care, it's normal. people come and go in your life. Just be happy and be contented with what you have, someday you can travel and meet new people the more you meet people the more you know you can't be unseen. If it's hard to find a friend at the moment, divert your attention to things like drawing, sports or other activities that would lighten you up and put you away from being lonely and sad. The brighter you are, the more people see you.

Be yourself and, in time, you will attract like people who will value you, for you. They are the real friends.

Woe that stinks. I wish I could say I know how you feel but I have always had one or two people I could count on. Maybe at camp you can make some friends.

I know just how u feel I've never really had friends all throughout school I tried my hardest to make friends I acted differently around certain people to try and make friends but I got tired of not being me so I just gave up and poured all my time into work wich is a horribly boreing life but I finally found 1 person I can concider a real friend it took years but it did happen and its great I know that if u just keep ur chin up u will find atleast 1 person that will be a real true friend all it takes is that one to make u feel like ur not alone anymore (well that's what it did for me atleast) but I have faith that someone is out there just waiting to run into u and strike up a conversation

Good for you. I'm glad you have a friend. I have lost a few over the years by not staying in touch.

I feel you....I had friends in school now they don't associate with me... It gets frustrating sometimes cause I want to get out and hang out with someone ..but I understand