No One

I dont have friends and i've never had.
I know a lot of people, but they aren't friends.

It feels like nobody wants to be my friend, a real friend.
Everybody is acting nice and like they want the best for you,
but most of the time its fake.
I would like to have friends, to do the same things my sister can do with her friends..

I always feel alone, even when I'm with a hole group.

eex813 eex813
18-21, F
1 Response Sep 17, 2012

That must be extremely lonely to never had a friend, no one that knows you & your secrets. Friends r important, i use to b able to make friends real easy, i have had trouble lately with making new friends, time & effort? i think people decide whether they want to be your friend if they have common interests, time and r able to trust you. Maybe the people around you don't appreciate you & you need to look else where for friendship. I hope you connect with someone soon who really appreciates you.

yeah it is..
I dont feel like i have someone who really cares
for me it was also really easy to make friends when i was little, that only changed when i was about 9 years old.

I sometimes feel like everybody already found their friends. And I'm just left.