Feeling Hurt.

I never really had any friends. None lasted for more than a year in a half.  It seems I never get invited to lunch.  I do things for other people, but when it's me, no one wants to do anything for me.  I don't ask for much.  People tell me that we are friends, but they never really made the effort to reach out to me.  I reach out to them, but people just turn their backs on me.  I didn't know I had to be perfect to have friends, because when I make a mistake, people bail on me.  Wow. 
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Thanks for understanding. sometimes I do get lonely. Most people don;t see me as human. That makes me sad because when I make a mistakes, and I do, people run away from me. That hurts. When all I have to give is friendship they bolt. They can't see or won't, that it hurts.

I am soon to be 50 years old and I have had the exact same thing happen to me. I understand how you feel. I have been a great friend to people who essentially take and not really give. It is almost safer to not try to reach out to others due to when I do I am disappointed. I just want you to know that I truly understand.

Hi jpearl66,

I know exactly how you feel, constantly doing things for other people and getting nothing in return. You said it exactly right too, it feels as though we have to be 'perfect' to have friends, even though there is no such thing. You find people do ****** things to you and you're just supposed to accept it and move on, but when you do something wrong, it is a huge deal and everyone shuns you......Yep, story of my life it seems. I would honeslty do anything for people I care about, I am a genuinely very nice and sympathetic person. No one ever seems to realize this, or they tell me this but then **** on me...
I don't get it...
I know it gets tiring trying to figure out why people treat us like crap, when we would never do something like that to them. I guess we both have just had really bad luck in the 'true friend's' department. Just wish it didn't hurt so much.....
Keep your chin up :)

Thanks for the encouragement. I just got shunned by someone whom I think of as a big sister. She knows it too. All she tells me when she get something for me, which is only five times maybe two, isthat I owe her. I did alot of things for her and do them out of love, and I owe her.?????????All I can say is "HUH"? WTF. That hurts and she doesn't even care. That's generally how I've been treated in the past. Anyway, thanks for the encourgement.