Ships Passing In The Night...

My pattern through life has been to have had many acquaintances but few friends; even those friendship relationships seem to be of limited duration as they invariably move away or go into relationships which exclude me. Perhaps it's in the nature of friendships to be relevant to a particular time In life or situation; when those circumstances pass, so does the relationship. There are also those people who prioritize their friends; perhaps they will talk to you unnecessarily, but you're not their first choice for such, and you'll be quickly shunted aside when a "first tier" friend appears! At any rate, it's reassuring to know that other people have similar problems. Misery loves company, right?
Fyrefox Fyrefox
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1 Response Sep 25, 2012

You expressed this very well. I can relate, and others do share the misery. Before I married I had friends, not real close friends, but friends nevertheless. I given them up for her. She has loads of friends and I can honestly say I have none. Although, I think I maybe on others "Friendship tier", as you have coined that very well. I'm not in the top three, for sure.