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my family ignores me and my friends don't call unless they want something. My sisters never invite me to go out with them and when their frinds realize I am the youngest sister,athery're like Oh we didn;t know they had a youngersister.
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Always remembers is right. You are your own best friend. I am going through the same thing right now. My extended family ignores me. I am the youngest too. 2 older brothers and adopted an older sister. I still feel lonely. I also have no friends either. I am learning to be my own best friend. I am learning to be christian so I am learning to trust God. Let me be there for w you too.

do not worry about family,and friends I am the youngest of nine I see none of them unless I call or they want something.<br />
now when someone wants to ask about my friends, I just say I can't lose what I don't have.

i can be ur friend see ur problem is u re the youngest and they can dominate u because they are elders as for friends who lie cheat and steal u see its everywhere in the world today so dont woory and u wil get lots of friends on ep including me :)

I have very little contact with my siblings. I have seen my sister about 3 times in the last decade. I have tried to arrange get-togethers, like lets meet for lunch and then she cancels. We agreed to go to a concert together and I charged the tix over the phone, and she was supposed to pay her share. And then she cancelled. I asked my brother if he wanted to go (I said he didn't have to pay) and he said yes at first and then no. I see my brothers about twice a year, one lives in the same town as I and the other one doesn't.

i know how you feel as well...one of my sisters(she like my mom sister best friend, my mother killed herself when i was a baby) got married 6 months ago,,,she had always been my best friend...we own houses next door to one another...she moved to her husbands and just walked out on me,,,i have talked to her once in 6 months...while my other sisters husband was in iraq she was with me constantly...as soon as her husband came home she just disappeared...i nevr see or talk to them...<br />
<br />
so i know all of this hurts but somehow someway we are going to be happy one day

Hi I"m new to this sight! Don"t feel bad. I have 7 sisters and 3 brothers and I don"t see them at all!! We only live 10 mins away! My heart goes out to you! I feel the same way, you need to tell them how you feel the summer is here maybe just maybe things will turn around! I wish you all the luck in the world. Keep me posted I"ll be happy too be your friend I am only 47 years old. Anto815

I will be your friend. some one to talk to or get/give advice to. alwaysremembers is right about being your own best friend. I learned that being an only child.

You have to work at being your own best friend first, than you will be amazed at the friends you can make. Hang in there it DOES get better, in the meantime, treat yourself WELL, because if you don't value yourself, no one else will. A darn hard lesson, but you are reaching out and you have a friend in me too, if you want!!