I moved twice in my life. when i moved to massachusetts ive barley had any friends. In high school i didnt really get alonug with the kids at my school. Tthen sophmore year i got kicked out and went to a school where i made alot of friends there but everyone who goes there is from allo ver mass. now that i recently graduated im back to being lonelyy with no friends....
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2 Responses Nov 26, 2012

As long as u still remember how to make friends..............

vydyn its only cause all the kids at that school got kicked out like me soo its like everyones the same there. so i dont remember


me tooooo .. i just moved and tomorrow i'm going to get a make-over....

Maybe change up your style or wardrobe and go out into the world and see whose out there..

idk, could work out ??

Best :)


LBee u just moved to massachusetts?