No Friends (rejected) Please Help Me I Feel Unwanted

This will be a very long story,i used to have a great life i had a best friend my little sister was happy we had friends and fun adventures,my best friend sat me on a bench one day and said i want to move to another school (strictest school in our country) i was like why and she said she didnt like it so i kept on telling my mom move me move me and my mom said dont go to another school but i didnt listen we arrived to school the first day was okay we sat on a random bench and ate lunch nobody talked to us just eating and talking and a couple of weeks later she started acting wierd and telling me she has a best friend (i have been her bff for 7 years at that time)i started feeling sad anyway i broke my leg so i would come late to school and i would find her talking to the popular mean girls and she wouldnt help me so i went with m little sister
couple of months later she changed compleley short skirt bitchy attitude
tottaly oppisote of what she used to be getting boyfriends and stuff so i decided to end our friend ship and we didnt speak for a long time
my siter stared acting wierd in to emo stuff and i found out she was cutting her self :'( she has no friends and me to i have fake friends tht i tag along with they dont even notice me theres not one decent person in my school by the wa im 12 and my little sister is 10 things spiralled out of control with my life i felt unwanted in life and nobody would talk to me and a boy phsicall attacked me and the chool only suspended hin for a day i nearly broke my jaw couple of months ago and got bad grades and getting reall depressed i cant go to a therepist my mom won take me i go to the toilets in school and lock myself and somtimes to the libary hiding in the corner reading a book by myself PLEASE HELP IM CRYING RIGHT NOW
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Good lord kid, how could things get so bad so quickly? Usually it takes a while for the toilet water to go all the way down . Maybe, you're not satisfied with your current social circle. Or maybe your bad run of luck has put you in a funk so to speak where nothing looks good right now. Things have to change. Trust me they do. Cutting is a loud cry for attention. Put your sister online with others who do the same thing. There's no shame when you find a common ground to work with.

Honey you're young. There are going to be really mean people and they're going to say really mean things. Do you know why they do those things? Because they are insecure about themselves. They may feel like they're not pretty so they have to pick on you to make themselves feel better. Don't listen to them. Listen to yourself. Listen to your own heart. And as for your little sister, comfort her because family is the only true thing that stays forever. Tell her there is hope and to put down the razor. She's too young to feel so hopeless. Rome wasn't built in a day. Keep your head up. Get into an art class. Express yourself in ways other people can't. Sing dance write it all out. You only get one life wil a million and one opportunities. Keep trying in school you will make new friends. But not if you keep hiding. You can do it. I believe in you. :)