No One Knows How Much Pain Insind Me

Dear reader sorry i am not good story teller and my vocabulary is horrible.

Well i don't have friends, i never had friends and i think i will have any.
I don't know why, No one wants to be my friend,
what's realy hurts me that i will have a girlfriend.
Where ever i look i see couples, where ever i look i see they do that?!! how can they simply find a partner?!!
It hurts alot and what hurts even more that No one cares about me, No one wants to ask me why i am upset.

I am so lonely and No body cares. i would like to add that was long time ago and i have some goods and i am much better now
comlpicatedguy comlpicatedguy
18-21, M
4 Responses Nov 29, 2012

A lot of people your age feel the way you do. Give yourself some time. In the next few years your life will be starting. If you are in college or technical school you will graduate. Then you will get a job. You will have experiences and your confidence will grow. You will learn how to talk to people. You will begin to like yourself. People are attracted to people who like and value themselves and others. You will find someone to love and they will love you.

Trust and believe that it will happen and it will.

You have millions of people all around you all the time. Unless you're in the Antarctic, you are not alone. As far as talking, I can talk your head off. All you have to do is listen. Listen very carefully to how someone is talking and you will find someone who will talk to you. Not a salesman or preacher, just a talker. Communicating is learning and learning will cause you to become more secure with yourself. I found documentaries that are super informative and thank goodness for this forum, you have found a way to talk to the world.

but the right time will come my friend....

We don't know each other, but I care and I will be your friend, if you like. I have been there before. And I am probably close to here now, albeit for different reasons. Please message me if you feel comfortable. I would love to talk to you...even if all I can do is listen. Take care.