A Small Breakthrough!

So I attended a social event last weekend. It was basically me, my boyfriend and my boyfriends friends.... I hardly go out much so I decided to go and drink and try and have fun.
Of course it goes how it usually does...I talk all night to the boys...about sports. But there was a small breakthrough...the only other girl at the party was my boyfriends, friends, gf.

She actually asked me how my vacation was..... SHE ASKED ME HOW MY VACATION WAS. I nearly fainted (Mainly because the girls who are my 'supposed' friends...didn't even know i'd been away). Especially as everybody is so mean about this girl behind her back...shes super shy... well it turns out she isn't super shy at all. TURNS OUT. She has been treated EXACTLY the same way as I have.

We got talking and I basically poured my heart and soul out to her....and she said that if it wasn't for the guy she was dating....she would have moved away by now. She said that no girls speak to her. And that she thought that I had been accepted and she was even more heartbroken when she saw the girls talking to me...i laughed so much. I told her that they only speak to me when they are drunk. I told her that i'd tried to make plans to take our dogs out with the other girls and she said EXACTLY the same thing happened to her...they just made excuses. I told her I had decided I was done with them this summer. and she said she had done the same a couple of years ago. I think she might actually become a friend of mine!
I'm going to see if she wants to take our dogs out for a walk on the weekend.

It's so crazy that all this time I have been sitting there thinking what is wrong with me...and theres nothing wrong with me at all. It's them. THEM.

Now I'm just angry at them. How dare they make me feel like i'm an outcast...making me feel bullied at this age. This is not high school. And so I have made a decision for the new year. I am not going to be fake. I am not going to do the fake smile and pretend I care. I'm going to be completely honest and if any of those girls pretend to be nice to me...i'll be civil but that is all. And if they are offended...they can kiss my much skinnier than theres arse.


Lostmk Lostmk
22-25, F
Nov 29, 2012