No Friends

I've had no friends for 6 years. I used to have many friends when I was younger. Then we moved and I went to a new school. I sat alone at lunch everyday, until a next door neighbor invited me to sit with her friends. I was quiet and they never talked with me. Then I moved again to another school. Once again I sat alone everyday at lunch. Then there was a new girl and I introduced myself to her. She was nice so I invited her to sit with me. We became best friends. Then I had problems at school with bullying, so I became home schooled. I lost contact with my best friend and I have been friendless ever since. 
justlana justlana
18-21, F
2 Responses Dec 12, 2012

thats so sad, if you lived here in australia i would have introduced you to a lot of great girls that you can make friends with. i guess youre the quiet type so even if someone approaches you to talk, the conversation goes quiet pretty quick?

I'll be your friend. c: