Is This Really As Difficuly As It Feels?

Status: I'm homeschooled. I'm indoors all the time, because there's really nowhere for me to go...and if I do go somewhere I can't seem to make friends.

It's easy to make friends, though, right?: Myspace. So far I have 268 friends on myspace. Only a handful of them actually talk to me. And I have to practically BEG those to talk to me.

C'mon, it's not as crucial as you think, right?: I haven't spoken to anyone outside of my immediate family, out loud, in months.

I just wish I knew why it is so difficult to make, and keep friends. I'm really lonely a lot of the time.

I'm not trying to create a sob story, though, I'm just trying to state the facts, and possibly express my feelings. I'd like to say that I have lots of friends, but in actuality, I don't. Like I mentioned, the only friends I do have are online, and, as you can probably guess, they're away often, and I can't really depend on any of them to be around.
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Do you have social anxiety or extreme shyness? If you do you might have, Avoidant personality disorder... There are support groups online. I haven't gone to one yet but plan to.

Me too. I just have online friends and relatives now, I just don’t understand most people.

Even though I'm younger than you, yes I was home schooled then my parents put me into public school. Horrible, just because your around people all the time doesn't mean you'll make friends. But yeah I know how you feel, so the only "friends" I had were two cousins. Even so how many times do you see them? And my mom would bother me asking if I wanted to go somewhere even though there's nowhere to go except the book store.

if you live in the inland empire in california then id love to be your friend

I am not sure having friends is that great. I agree with most that social contact is important. But having people around a lot of the time stinks.

My story is almost the same I mean how are us homeschooled kids supposed to have friends? I feel your pain it's hard to get out when you know all your gonna see is people having fun with their friends an gosh during the summer is the worst.

I agree with the other comments. Get a part time job or volunteer or join a group. You will meet people. You sound like a very interesting person and you should have no troubles getting and keeping friends. Good luck to you.

Message me if you like. I'm rather friendless too.

Ha, tell me about it. Im not homeschooled, im in public school. And its very hard to find friends. Hang in there kid!

Dude, you're lucky to be homeschooled. I have to go to a crowded high school all the time, and it SUCKS!

Oh my, I am homeschooling, though I came from public school. Even there, I must admit, it's not easy making friends. There's a follow the crowd culture that runs rampant, and teachers are usually, though not always, the only outside sources of conversation available.<br />
I do have one friend, who I would call my best friend, whom I've known for atleast 6 years, but I still feel oddly lonely...<br />
Anyway, I'm sorry for your situation, and if you ever want to talk to another person outside of your house, feel free to email me. Actually I want you to email me. Odd, no? ^_^"<br />
Good luck!

i am home schooled by choice. i have always been the pretty girl that everyone hates. I find myself feeling the same way you do about 99.9 % of the time. im in the same boat your in.

i am home schooled by choice. i have always been the pretty girl that everyone hates. I find myself feeling the same way you do about 99.9 % of the time. im in the same boat your in.

It's hard for me to meet people too. Is there any way you can start regular school? I mean it def sucks for the first year or so because you won't have friends there yet either but once you make friends at school you'll feel more at home. I also recommend that if you do decide to try regular school that you stay at whichever school you chose until you graduate. Because repeating that first year where you know no one process again and again makes you have self-doubt because no one knows or likes you for that first year and you wonder why.

I definately think getting out is key, i found the best way was through volonteer activities, stuff that involves you to work WITH people. It was a slow process but it gives you something in common to spark conversation, friendship is really all a numbers game. PS I havent been good at making online friends since I was younger, I lost my gift of chat-gab or something lol :) Much easier to connect in person for me, you don't have to always talk then, love watching movies or listening to music with my friends. ~L~ Which usually then sparks the conversation naturally...

go to the gym or something so u can meet other people.

I home-schooled for a short time; though it was later in high-school and I worked at sales full-time then...<br />
<br />
You'll probably find some friends once you get out, get a job, etc etc.


I suggest getting out of the house more, possibly being involve with the community, outreach, or something in relation to what you like...hobbies people through that and if not...take a outside class go to a church etc etc get a job...get something exciting! Go on a adventure, talk to strangers. Connect.<br />
<br />
I understand though if you are homeschooled it can be difficult to have a social life if you don't get out often.<br />
<br />
I don't have any friends either. My best friend is my mom but my story is totally different. I use to be a rebellious person always going out and now I enjoy the comfort of home. If you don't have friends I think the best thing is to have a good relationship with your parents, if you are truly happy at home then maybe you can just be satisfied with that but if you want more, free and experience life. Don't get all cooped up. =) But remember home sweet home.

i know how you feel. i was depressed and off school for two years. my friends gave up on me,they didn't understand. you just have to think that one day you can get a job and meet people there.

Thanks so much, guys...

oh goodness. this really makes me upset. friends are such a crucial part of living and growing up. enough of the whole sitting around the house thing. making friends is difficult, but dont make it more so by limiting yourself! you seem like you'd be a great friend. no worries!

Well, my online friends are usually real life aquaintances... I don't believe in social networking sites very much. Strangely enough (or not) i find it easier to communicate online than to start a face to face conversation.

Making friends is one reason I am glad that I was not home schooled. Its hard enough making friends sitting in class with the same people every day! One thing you might want to look into though is getting involved in some outside classes at the community college or else where. Pick a subject you like, or take a dance class, and you'll meet people in no time.

Aww, you must have it tough :( I hope that you can at least share your feelings with some of those online friends you have; by being able to share your inner thoughts with someone will make you more self-confident and more affable in character. It is hard to get a first friend, but when you have one, it will go fast :) Maybe you should try to take walks more often (esp. if you have a dog/cat etc) and say hello to people in your age, and eventually you'll get friends :), It is no use sitting indoors all the time. But if you need someone to share feelings with, you can always message me :) Good luck!