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I spent another New Year's Eve by myself. That's ok.  my new year resolution is to let go of people who turned their backs on me. this means some people on this site (ep).  they just want to add me so they can have as many friends on their page. Not to keep in touch.  I deleted most of them.  There are still more to delete which is not much.
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2 Responses Jan 5, 2013

I've read most of your stories.I had a much milder relationship with my dad than you,but he was not supportive in anything I did,but I didn't let that affect my outlook because I never respected him much anyway.As you,I believe people get on these sites like this, and Facebook, and just add friends for the hell of it.Personally I would rather have only one good friend to talk to and trust than 500 friends and not know who most of them really are

Hi. I feel a lot like you, I guess. I just have acquaintances, but no real friends anymore. I did just join a group called Hanging with the Girls. It's a Meetup group that someone formed that is just for women near Nashville. Hopefully I can go to some of the functions and maybe meet some people. I think they have different meet ups all over the country. Maybe that would be an option for you, too.

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