After I learned the truth about what my "friend" does behind my back I don't know if I can trust people anymore every single time backstab during elementary,highschool even now in college I know there just pretending to be my friend because I'm the cousin of the most popular guy in school and that cousin of mine is the one who told me the truth.
Since HighSchool started I was a shut in always playing games watching anime and movies after doing all of that in the end of the day there was this weird feeling a sense of emptiness being filled with nothing but loneliness and despair wherein each passing you want to ask God why did he let you live in this world filled with people always believing the crap their government says where bad people having a good while you being good suffer in this world.
Maybe the reason why I didn't commit suicide back then and now was I'm still waiting for that special person whom I can trust , I tried being nice and **** but still people betray me for ****** reason been Six months since that day when I learn the truth and I can still feel that emptiness growing I don't know If I can survive this year without returning into being a shut in...
Modex Modex
Jan 8, 2013