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You know I should have probably posted this story in "I love video games" but they're more into discussion than into finding and connecting with people (in most cases). Yeah video games If you have a love for em and a willingness to discover new and potentially boring games then come be my friend. These past years have left me friendless and in a mess leading into depression and very thorough thoughts of suicide, doesn't help that I'm also nihilistic in nature. So uh forgot where I was going with that, moral of this story is no matter what age you are come play video games and be friends, hang out have a couple of brews (assuming you're of age) while we play tf2 and such and chat over skype, maybe help each other get through a rough patch or two if need be. Even if you're not a gamer and have read this I highly encourage you to give it a shot and if not send me a message on here and if we get like five of us we could start a pseudo podcast style thing where we talk about topics and what not sounds good to me haha. Well I've rambled on quite a bit so me shizzle is down below obviously.

Steam: DeadlyPlace

Xbox: DeadlyPlace

Skype: To only be disclosed through messaging

Thank you for your time ;_;
DeadlyPlace DeadlyPlace
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I like games and a gamer but play the PS3 and Vita :)