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I feel completely alone in the world. I have always had isues meeting people knowing people the whole thing is foreing to me so i have maybe two people in the world i would consider freinds.I barley ever see or hear from them. I recently started dateing this girl but what i never realized is exactly how crazy isolation has made me we were dateing for about a month and are now just freinds i dont know how to deal with it from haveing no one to someone around all the time to someone there sometimes that makes you feel depressd just talking to them. I feel like this would not be as hard if i were better at meeting woman as i would most likely shrugg it off but im not and because i am alone so much i become verry attached verry easily. Now im alone again and acheing for someone who probobly doesnt think twice about me. I cant sleep i drink alot and i cant concentrate on anything for to long with out getting disgusted by the thought of this person creeping back into my head. Ive never felt more alone in my entier life if any one has any advice it couldent hurt at this rate and would be appriciated.
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1 Response Jan 18, 2013

drinking just worsens the loneliness and feelings of despair. And I can totally relate to the attachment feelings. It sucks. But dont feel like you got no one to talk to. I'm a good listener, so hit me up whenever