Making Friends (or Not) In College

High school was great, I had friends to hang out with and who wanted to hang out with me all the time! I thought it was going to last, but then came college. Everyone always says people grow apart in college. We all go to the same tiny community college and I even see them every now and again, but things have changed. I found out that one of my best friends was getting cheated on and I told her about it (thinking I was being a good friend because I sure would like to know if someone was cheating on me). I haven't talked to her in person since. She was kind of the main reason all of us were still hanging out anyways, so I just basically got kicked out of the "clique" because of that I guess. I considered that would be a temporary thing because we have had our ups and downs; but I realized I usually do the chasing after people which I wasn't going to do anymore. Plus, she was really immature about me telling her the truth about her boyfriend cheating on her and made self pity facebook status' and what not. So, I decided her and a few others just wasn't worth the guilt that was put on me for being a good friend. This was about 4 months ago during the first semester of college. I've been trying to make friends but it is rather difficult. I am not weird or completely unsocial, I guess I just have trust issues and am scared of rejection when it comes to making friends. I guess if I was more into the party scene it would be easier too. Don't get me wrong, I love having a good time and going out but I still live with my parents (the joy of living in a college town) and they do not particularly approve of the party scene. I also want to focus on my studies so I do not waste any time. Everything would just be more enjoyable and I would be happier if I had more friends. :( I need to work on being more outgoing and social I reckon...
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Jan 20, 2013