My Broken Life

OK. I'm gonna stupidly share this with the world.

So I've had lots of incidents. My mates are constantly leaving me out. I was supposed to be going out on the last day of school in a group of 20, but they "accidently" left me behind. It's so obvious they hate me. And yet they say we're BFF'S. What sick minded people.

I haven't been invited to the popular girl's party. I thought we were getting on great, but clearly I was wrong. Everyone has been talking about it... all my friends are bragging on how they're going out for a best friend dinner with her.

I hate it. I hate lying and saying I'm OK. But I can't tell anyone.
No one understands.
I can't trust anyone anymore.

Everyday I wake up feeling sick. I don't want to go to school. I fake everything.

I am in love. With Charlie. Charlie I love you more than you will ever know... but you're going out with my friend. If it weren't for you, I wouldn't still be on this planet. I love you. With all my broken, bruised heart.

Thank you for listening. Comments would be appreciated.
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1 Response Jan 24, 2013

the world is big and it is small also.There are always people with whom our chemistry goes well and those also whom it doesn't go well.You are in beginning of your life, sadly you meet the other one, but believe you 'll one day find good friend.They are just like god , may come late but 'll surely comes.
hope you'll find your love also.

You rock! Thanks. Can you check out more of my stories?

sure but privacy is on