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When I began actually TRYING in school. I want to succeed and some of my old loser friends were holding me back. They began making fun of me for being such a nerd. Well, it's hard for me to find people I really want to be around nowadays. I have a few close friends and that's about it.
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That's what happens. I chose to join the military and after awhile they all stated to talk about how I just left them behind. I chose to have a career, not to sit around and wait until Friday to use what little money I was making at a dead end job to get drunk.The same routine got on my nerves after awhile and I wanted more out of life. I wanted to go places and do things. Not my fault we had the same views. It sucks not having friends, but it sucks more wasting the potential you have to sit and do nothing.

I'm in a similar situation. I've never had many friends to begin with, but after I moved I had practically zero people to hang out with.

well, lucky to have that! I am only child no brother sister and was home school to age 13 years so i not really meet anybody my age for friend. Only my cousin Natalka, she one year older. We are very close but not like friend. xx

awe, i'm sorry to hear that:/ that must be hard.

no i dont think so. is not like i had something then lost it. i am very independent, i am mature for age cos i grow up surrounded by adults. Now i go to boarding school all girls and i have to get used to be with people my age. I think it is like maturing backwards!! lol xx

hahahaha well then good for you!

thank you xx

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Same here, except now I have no friends.I try to look on the "bright" side of things.So crazy how 2 years ago I had more friends then I can count. I wished I appreciated those friends not that they're gone....