Everyday I just want to cry because I am so alone. I have no one to text, talk, email, or anything. My family doesn't understand me at all. Who else am I going to talk to?
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I have no one, but my family either. If you need to talk message me.

not to be rude but you are really blessed if 1. you in fact have a family and have the option to see what you do and do not have. 2. have the ability to make decisions based on what is and not what you are just feeling. 3. can make a decision to live in real time and the present and not in what you think you should have. Real talk their is a saying about a man that complained about his shoes until he saw some one with no feet. you have options today, use that! you have no one to text? you are in a situation that their is the option to have a cell phone to text some one as and not some nomad living in the SUDAN worried that you are the wrong tribe and you will be killed cause you are not the ruling tribe ie you are them. you take for granite that your situation is bad where in fact if you are in a situation you have time to do more then just survive from day to day you are blessed. SEE LIFE FOR WHAT IT IS, A JOURNEY THAT YOU ARE LEARNING AND GROWING IN AND NOT WHAT YOU DO NOT HAVE. CAUSE LIFE COULD BE SO MUCH WORSE. TO HAVE friends you have to be a friend "that is on you and no one else" iF Your family does not understand you? let me ask you can you name all the tendons in you hands feet arms and legs? most likely not but they do support you if you are an able bodied person as does your family. if you have a roof over your head , food to eat, and you are not being exploited by them , you are truly blessed, because it could be worse like the guy who kidnapped young women and kept them locked up in his house in ohio for a decade SO LIVE IN THE HERE AND NOW BE IN THE PRESENT, because your life is good, be aware of that peace!

I have no friends either and don't get along with my family at all.

I think we both just need to learn to approach people, good luck :).

I will be a true friend to you if you want. I have friends and family but there are things I cannot talk with them about because they wouldn't understand and they would disown me. I don't judge anyone. So inbox me and I will send you my cell phone # so we can talk and text ok? (((hugs)))

do you have any church friends? Someone to reach out to learn to pray.

hey..... I am a good listener. Feeling lonely? Let it all out

i am old enough 2 b u grandad. in another country but wil listen 2 u .on here at first .

us to us

I feel that way too! We can chat! You can message me or email me.

We can talk

hey dont get upset u can msg me anytime u want ill b ur friend if u want

I understand how you feel. When I was your age I felt the same way and have many acquaintance and no close friends. When I was in college I cried in my dorm room. Nobody knew, because I never had any close friends to confide in or go out with. Life can be lonely sometimes and I have been there. When I was going through a personal crisis there was nobody I could talk to, not even my family. If it was any consolation, being lonely might make you stronger as I am strong enough to be on my own as I don't mind living alone since i am used to it. There are people I know who are terribly afraid of being alone because they have never been by themselves. I am sorry you feel your family doesn't understand you, I feel the same way. I hope you can overcome this sadness like I did. If there is any advice I can give, based on my experience, is to take any opportunities you have to make friends. Regretfully, I missed a few opportunities because I was afraid and if I could turn back time I would do the opposite because maybe my life wouldn't have been so lonely during that dark time in my life. I am 30 and feel I have more friends and maybe it is because the people I meet now are mature and accepting. However, I still barely have a social life and spends most days at home alone.

you can talk to me just kik me at amber_babez i totally kno whow you feel

What are you interested in? You can maybe find a group in your area that you can join full of people into the same things. I wish you lots of luck ! I am not the most social person but I think having a few very close friends trumps having a bunch of so-so friends. You will find that. ((hugs))

Loneliness is an inner choice. There are many who are lonely amongst a crowd.

Young lady, good morning.

Change the inner thought process.
As they say, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

So is the connectivity to others. Open up a little bit.
There are many who would love to be friendly in life.

send me a friend request of facebook. it's rush rush

I also don't have many friends.
Well I see the good points,, that is I can save more money cz I dont have to send many text messages or email many times a day ^^

Trust me I know what your going through. But all you need is that one person you can talk to and if you ever need someone to talk to text me at 1-857-997-0519.

The feeling is mutual. Sometimes I feel useless. I've no one to talk to when i'm online, I've no one to text. I don't go out with friends, i'm always at home. But then who cares, I love staying at home enjoying myself watching movies listening to music. Cause sometimes it's nice being alone. Cheer up! :)

yeah. Its like we love watching the four walls , maybe they will paint theirself.....mine havent in 10 years.... :(

haha! you look cute :)

Trust me you are not the only one feeling like this I'm going trough the same thing. Even though we don't actually know each other I will say if you need someone to talk to you can count with me. We can support each other!

Txt me ill be there for u I know exactly how u feel msg and we can be at least txt friends !!!

I used to feel the same way. in middle school plenty of people liked me, but I was afraid of any kind of intimacy and felt friendless. I just became lonely and angry and started to read way too much. in the end I decided to give up on relationships and become a complete loner. there were many times when I felt unbearably sad and alone. I think ive come out of it stronger and more aware, but I still don't want to be completely friendless.

Honestly I find myself thinking the same thing. This thing called life is hard, and nothing comes easy. Its important to stay positive and busy. If you want to talk. Message me, I'm a great listener. :)

Have you ever wondered why, I use to wish I had just one person to share my dreams and secrets with, but once I developed a relationship with Jesus Christ I found that he was a friend that stuck closer than a brother. when I shared secrets he did not tell anyone. I felt safe. A friend is someone that is worthy of trust and will run in when everyone has ran out. His Echo

Be confident in yourself. You can be alone, but you don't have to be lonely. Take walks, play video games, join clubs, support groups..there are TONS of things you can do.

Sorry I can say this but I think you are little depress and if you can find way to find therapist it's going to help you a lot don't worry if nobody understand you take my advise and you going to feel much better

Wanna talk? I'd love to be friends with you :)

i notice your awesome treble clef and wonder if you like singing, even if you are good or not. i am a member of and it is an AMAZING site for like-minded membership...i dont work for the site but just letting you know about it
i am sorry you feel so alone...i'm talking to you! :)

Thank you, I like to sing, but I'm not good at it. The clef is because I play the flute. Also, i will check out the site!

there are a lot of people on the site that arent great singers, they just like having fun!

Might I suggest joining a club or an activity or just go outside to a mall or something? Especially in clubs, where there are like-minded individuals who have the same interest, you can find friends you can text, talk, email or anything to.

I have tried that, but no one talks to the mentally ill girl.....

What mental condition do you have?

An anxiety disorder, depression, schizophrenia, and insomnia......

i hope you have a doctor and i am sure there are support groups out there for you

I have a doctor, but he doesn't know what combination of meds to give me to treat all the symptoms...

what makes you say mentally ill?

I see, so why do you think nobody wants to talk to you? I'm sure that if you are yourself you're bound to attract like-minded people, it's the case for everyone. Just have a little more confidence and approach others instead of waiting for them to talk to you. (especially if you stay silent in a corner, dunno if that's the case though)

Actually, that is the case, and when people usually do come up and talk to me, they go away. I have no confidence in myself.....

I have an anxiety disorder, depression, schizophrenia, and insomnia

Yeah, I know but my last comment still stands.

That's the problem. People notice when someone doesn't have any confidence and it turns most people away. It turns me away as well.

Have some confidence and approach a person yourself and then just be yourself, if you do all that, there's bound to be people who like you for who you really are.

I'll say it again, have confidence!

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