I Am Alone.

Others on here feel that having no friends on here is viewed as a positive thing, I however, am not viewing it as a positive thing, the feeling of being alone to me, is the one of the worst possible thing that i can feel.

I am one of the people that constantly am working my *** off, for completely nothing. I dont get paid well, when i first started dating Nathan i tried to incorporate my schooling, my work, my friends, and Nathan. Well, i'm sure that you can imagine which got pushed to the side. With doing that, i obviously have been pushed to the side, showing them obviously whats first on my priority list. Nathan became my number one priority, and things were going GREAT for like the first year.. and now these last 3 months have just been so freaking rough on us, I've seriously had enough with working my *** off for money to take us out to dinner, to take us bowling, swimming, go karting, etc. whatever we were doing, so i decided to stop doing those things, now IF we hang out, its only for a few hours.. and its doing nothing, my life has become so dull, when it use to be all parties and going on trips to texas with friends, or florida.. wherever we wanted to go it was available to us, now all i do is be responsible, and i'm tired of not getting any feed back for it.

I just wish i had someone to share with, someone to dream with, sleep with, love.

I just wish i had my friends back,
along with Nathan.

heatherxx heatherxx
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4 Responses Feb 19, 2009

hey if anyof u wanna talk give me a message

Sorry to hear. I'm an a similar position with my wife. She used to want to spend all sorts of time with me- snuggling, talking, and such. Now it's mostly her internet friends she spends time with, and I'm a nuisance. <br />
<br />
It sucks. I wish I could suddenly get some friends, and that you could too.<br />
<br />
If things keep going this way, be glad you were only with him a year or so. It'd be easier to break off then.

I can understand how you feel, I work in a low paying job and spend most of my money on bills and other neccesary expenditures leaving me very little to do much with. Most of my friends are in similar situations or have families and so it's difficult to spend time with them. I spend a lot of my time on my own, spending what time I can with my partner.<br />
It's tough when you don't have people around you, and demoralising when you're doing the same thing day after day with nothing to show for it.<br />
I wish I could offer you some advice to help but I'm not really in a position to do so lol (but please feel free to share some with me when you figure out what works lol). I do however wish you all the best and hope things improve for you soon.

best of luck..