When I was in school I saw how my classmates were bullying weaker ones, I listened how they talked **** behind their own friends backs. And I always imagined what it feels like to be bullied, what unwound do at their position , in fact I even wished to be bullied yet I was let's say to strong for other to bully me....
I felt so disgusted by those people even though they were my friends... And I decided that I would be just fine without any friends... So I simply stopped giving any effort to keep those friendships with them and with a simple choice like that all of them disappeared from my life , I had only two true friends left and now I don't even have them... It does feel good to not be surrounded by such a rotten group of people and yet I do feel lonely... Which makes me wonder sometimes did I made the right choice ?
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Just like me, there are people around here who try to sleep with each other's girlfriends & boyfriends or people who smack talk each other but then you see these same people pretending to be friends days later, I decided that people are too bitchy & play too many games for me to bother with them.

I've been fond of this quote, lately:

"The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself." -Friedrich Nietzsche-

You made the right choice. People who share your same good hearted perspective will see you and befriend you.

of course you made the right choice..... there're so many people out there who have the purest heart to become your new friends... whatever friend you'll choose, they'll drag you to their life ( Vice Versa), if they are good ones, you good... but if they are totally trouble maker, then you'll get some troubles ^_^

I feel like the world has more to offer then the victim or the bully. Especially out of highschool

I believe that the whole world is divided in 4 groups: bullies, victims, those who protect victims , and neutrals. And all of them were in high school at some point in their life. So the whole world is not that much different from highschool. You have the same 4 groups in society so it's not something you can escape.
In my eyes the only difference between highschool and world is the size. So in the end it pretty much offers the same

That's an interesting viewpoint. Hnmmn.

And you don't want to associate with any from the four groups?

I would say my choice would be people who protect victims.
But unfortunately it's not that easy to see which people belong to which group , it's not like it's written on their forehead. Which is why people are forced to socialize with everyone despite the group they might belong to. Beside that sometimes once we start socializing with one or other person we can't help it but to like that person even though he might be a total ******* from bullies group.
And I am not saying that it's a bad thing because I believe that like that people complete each other , every bully need a protector beside him to tell him when he is doing something wrong , just like any victim needs protector . So those groups just mix together. If that makes any sense :)
I guess what I am trying to say is that no matter where you go and how many years pass you get the same 4 groups as an offer. And you can't help it but to socialize with all of them. Once you reject one group, like I did, you will simply end up with nothing .

Hmmmn. That is quite an interesting insight. Thanks

Interesting perspective, but i feel the perspective is relative... Just to play the devils advocate. Bullies have strength that we can admire. Victims can be manipulators who have used poor-me attitude to get "those who protect the victims" to fight their battle. Those who protect the victim can be bully to the bullies in an attempt to protect the victim. Then wouldn't that make them bullies and the bullies the victim? ....And Neutrals can be wise individuals who just wants to stay out of drama because he/she realizes that some people choose to be victims and wants any sort of attention because attention makes them feel alive. Regardless, I think nobody is perfect. Every one of us has those 4 traits you mentioned and more...

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