I just recently "broke up" with my only two friends because I realized they weren't very good for me. So now it's really only my family and my boyfriend that I have in my life. Fun fun fun.
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boyfriends are good to have. devote all your time to be with him.

If you want i can be your friends ... well online friends

Sometimes that's all you need is a good loving man at your side. And a family.

That way you know you got someone to always talk to, be with, and know you got the support you need and want.

Sad you lost friends that weren't really friends. But if it makes you feel better to know. I got no one left in my life.

Thank you for reminding me that I have good support systems. It is important. But why do you say that you don't have anyone left? /: you can message me if you like. That's very sad to hear. ):

Lost my family some yrs prior. They disowned me.

My grandmother's are dying. One of cancer. The other its blood problems mostly around her diabetes.

A summery of my life is posted as my very first story. Its a long one. But it will give you an idea of my life.

I hope things work out for you. Just let your man know your grateful to have him as not only your man but best friend too.

I'm really sorry to hear that. I'll have to check out that story. Thank you, I definitely will.

I hope you find something/someone that can help you keep strong through this.

Why weren't they good for you?

Eh, a multitude of reasons. Recently, it was because they decided to get into prescription pills. Not only that, but they invited me over when they were partaking in the pills, even though they both are aware of my past addiction problems.

Everyone around by me love sniffing cocaine so it's turned me into a bit of A social outcast, I don't wanna be with people like that but it's just seen as the norm.