Well i wouldnt say no friends bc i do have a friend online

But at school or irl i never have anyone to talk to. I just sit in the library or some random place in school huddled in a corner and listen to music.

It's hard... i just don't trust ppl at all, and even if i do start to see someone as a "friend" (basically someone to talk to) i never try to get closer etc. I never try to talk to them more during class, on internet, at lunch etc, but i always feel that it is none of my business to butt into other ppls lives and their already established group.

Mostly though it is just b/c i don't trust ppl and often times ppl just feel fake to me

--side note--

I do appreciate the friends i do have though XP. The ppl who do understand me are really just amazing ppl. and i can't thx them :3 XP.

And i'm extremely lucky to have one really good friend that i always am happy to talk to >u<
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1 Response Aug 20, 2014

You don't have to "butt into" anyone's life to become friends. I was friend with a shallow group of people for 2 years. We never talked about ourselves; no one knew how many siblings the others had because no one cared. It was ok for the time being. We were just using each other because we wanted people to lunch with. It was a waste of time but I would recommend it for you.

Thx, when the school year starts ill try that~ ^u^