I have no real friends where I'm living now, the few friends I do have, live in another state and they don't communicate at all - am lucky to get a Christmas card!!! The place I'm living now, people think I'm weird/strange and because of that, they don't attempt to get to know me - they say "she's weird", stare at me and then walk away. So...I'm shy and it's hard for me to make friends, but why do people assume I'm weird or strange? If they'd stop long enough to say hi or how are you?...they'd realize I'm not that bad, just shy. Just tired of how judge mental people are...sure could use a friend or two also.
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They have nothing else to do with their lives.

If you live in a small town that will happen. Being called strange by people that don't know you or try to know you is the truly strange part.

I don't live in a small town...I still don't know why people have to be so judgemental?

same here. but i know some people that have started rumors about me, i guess because they assumed i would tell the truth about them. maybe you are pretty or good at something? to other woman that is a crime.

People have started rumors about me too. I try not to react, if they have nothing better to do then to start rumors or gossip, then that's their problem, not mine. Woman do think that...if you have some thing positive going on in your life (or are pretty or talented), they get jealous and have to say or put on an act like they're better then you - jealousy! Don't understand that at all.

I know it well. Moved here last year (11mo now), I'm an outcast. I am private but nothing I've done seems to strike a cord with anyone. And I have no other friends than on here...

I can relate, I'm an outcast too! I just don't fit in, don't follow the fads, whatever is popular at the time. I'm a private person too, but do tend to open up once I get to know a person - once I earn their trust.