Happines is not about having all the things you could possibly want in life, we rely too much on the world to make us happy, especially teenagers, we need to realize happiness doesn't lie in a boyfriend, or a huge house, sure it will help. But true happiness, comes from positive thinkig, strength, and learning to rely on yourself more than others, because having everything in the world only makes it easier to suffocate in your depression.

-from the mouth of a happy, clinically depressed young woman.
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Wow beautifully said. I really needed to read this. I have tried to find comfort and happiness in material things just to distract myself from my loneliness and depression but at the end of the day I am still depressed. I hope to one day find happiness within myself being a Christian and spirituality helps too

really how old are you? please

Sounds like you've learned that the hard way?

I use to live in a broken small filthy house in the ghetto, I use to be so poor I only had three outfits. One pair of shoes too small for me, my parents would have to scrounge for gas money, I was so depressed, when we came
To our new big house, and I got a phone and clothes I was
Still unhappy. I realize now that happiness lies
In yourself.
I've learned a lot and I can say, I've stopped therapy, my anti depressant dosage gets smaller every 6months
And im happy :)

That's good. N I've been in almost the same situation. It kinda gets to you when one moment you have things then the next you value everything differently. Then going back to what it was, it's like unfamiliar. I've been homeless, eating whatever food you can hold down. Trying to help n protect the family. N then going back to having things.