My Disposition.

So I've never really had any friends, and I've found it somewhat comforting.  Or atleast I've wanted to find it comforting for so long that I think so.  Anyway, anytime I get close to anyone, whether it be a girlfriend, or just a friend I end up doing this.  Let's say if I have a girlfriend, and they talk or flirt with another guy, I in turn try to make them feel bad by acting like I don't care.  And it's to the extent of acting like I don't care that it's completely destroying any form of relationship I can have.  It's a mix between jealousy and insecurity I suppose. . . . .

zotzot zotzot
13-15, M
1 Response Mar 6, 2009

maybe you should try to actually tell them what you feel about their behavior.that it bothers you<br />
try to make a switch.instead of telling you don't care say that you do.maybe it will help you somehow to understand how you really feel<br />
hope you'll be fine :)