Destined to Be Alone


I've never really had more than 1 or 2 friend at a time and as I got older that number did as well. Since moving out east I've not had one friend that I can do things with other than my wife who left me in Nov.  We couldn't do things together always, we were total opposites. Even vacations together were a challenge.  I've tried to join groups but I'm such an introvert I can't seem to make friends.  For now I have my 14 year old and 21 year old living with me but they'll move on I'm sure, at least I hope so.  Then it will be just me :(


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i am a 27 year old male, my life has been littered with people who are only ever interested in what I can give them, be it money, smokes, booze, time. I have never had a true friend who would stick be me through the bad times-sometimes the only true friend you can ever find is yourself

I know how you feel dude! I too have never had many friends. I'm not a social butterfly like my wife is. Everyone likes her and she can make friends with anyone. Me on the other hand have like 2 or 3 friends. Good thing I enjoy being alone. One thing I've figured out is that personalty has alot to do with it. My wife is outgoing and always is available for her friends for whatever ales them, wether it be a money problem or just needing someone to talk to. Me, well I'm stingy with money most of the time, don't like to talk much , don't smile unless I really think about it. For instants, I forced myself to smile while driving once, it felt so odd. It's much easier to frown these days. Lol. Anyway, it seems people like to hang out with others who are naturally uplifting and have it together then ones who seem lifeless and depressed most of the time. Try Internet friendship. Find a multipla<x>yer game site where you can team up with a few other people and keep those pla<x>yers as long as possible. You'll soon get to know them very well just by Internet. I did it and got to know a few people pretty well.

I'm the same way I don't have any friends either )=

I don't think you are Destined to Be Alone. This is just right now that you're experiencing this. Life can change. I believe you will meet some great people, they are on their way to you. Stay alert and watch for them. Welcome them to you. They will show up. Keep trying, don't give up.<br />
Animals make good companions you have a pet? That can bring a lot to a person's life and give you another reason to go on. Good luck.